World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Forbidden Reach Zone Guide (2024)

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's Patch 10.07 opened up the Forbidden Reach zone, allowing you to fully explore the home of Dracthyr and discover the next step of the Primalist's plan. You will be able to farm quick catch-up gear for alts and empower your main with a special new item.

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This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Forbidden Reach zone, including how to access it, the daily/weekly activities you want to look out for, and what rewards can come your way from taking part.

Navigating The Forbidden Reach

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Forbidden Reach Zone Guide (1)

Upon Razagath's defeat in the Vault of Incarnates raid, the storm surrounding the Dragon Isles has receded, and you can now fly over to the Forbidden Reach. Taking the breadcrumb quest called Hidden Legacies in Valdrakken, you can either manually Dragonride over to the new zone, or take one of the handy new flight paths.

The main story quest line will take you around the zone, showing you most of the places of interest, alongside a couple of great new cinematics. Focusing on the story of the Primalists and the newly awakened Dracthyr, you will discover that there is division among their ranks, and prepare to face Scalecommander Sarkareth in the next patches' raid; Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.

The Forbidden Reach is not particularly large, and you will be able to access most of its locations via Dragon Riding.

However, many key areas such as the War Creche or Froststone Vault are located underground, and you will not be able to use your handy Dragon to fly around them.

What Should You Do In The Forbidden Reach

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The main story quest chain on the Forbidden Reach is not particularly long, and you will soon find yourself free to partake in its repeated content sources. Activities that the Forbidden Reach has to offer include:

  • World Quests (Daily/bi-weekly)
  • New Dragon Glyphs (One time only)
  • Rare Farming
  • Forbidden Hoards (30-minute spawn time)
  • Evolved Storms (Two hour spawn time)
  • Renown Envoys (Daily cooldown)
  • Zskera Vaults (Resets weekly)

Most of these can be encountered in the open world and will visually be shown on your map. Most Rares, Forbidden Hoards, World Quests, and Evolved Storms will be visible, although they all have differing spawn times.

Forbidden Hoards are essentially just loot chests that you will need to defend from a few waves of mobs to unlock. They are normally opened quite quickly, so be ready to fly on over to the map marker once they spawn. They drop similar loot to the Rares but are required for a few different achievements. The Evolved Storms are an event whereby you need to kill a specified boss outside the Froststone Vault. The elemental theme will be totally random and will always provide you with a random Primordial Stone.

Your priorities will differ depending on what rewards you're looking to farm, and if you have a well-geared main character then you might want to prioritise the Zskera Vaults and Evolved Storms, as these are the major sources of end-game power via the Onyx Annulet Ring.

Rares work slightly differently in this zone, with some being restricted behind your professions. Various items will drop from random mobs, that can be turned into an epic version via one of the recipes sold by Trader Hag'arth in Morqut Village. You can't trade these items, so you will be reliant on other players to spawn the rares your professions can't.

This system makes the Champion of the Forbidden Reach achievement quite difficult to complete, so try asking friends or searching in the group finder for the rares you're struggling to find.

The Forbidden Reach rare locations are as follows:

Rare Name



Bonesifter Marwark

42, 60

Can drop the Ashenwing Battle Pet.


37, 31

Find a Toxin Antidote to counter the choking gas.


26, 41

Found in an underwater cave.


44, 79

Up high on the snowy mountain.

Grugoth the Hullcrusher

43, 90

Down by the shoreline.


41, 14


Lady Shaz'ra

61, 58

Found inside a cave behind the waterfall.

Mad-Eye Curry

69, 46

Found in a cave, you must kill off his lieutenants before he can be damaged.


36, 11



67, 55

Found at the central lava layer of the War Creche.

Reisa the Drowned

46, 19

Found in a small cave.


72, 67

Found in the middle of the Naga cavern.


74, 54

Resides at the back of the Siege Creche.

Vraken the Hunter

59, 49

Can drop the Scruffles Battle Pet.

Warden Entrix

43, 84

Can drop the Wakyn Battle Pet. Found beyond the teleporter in the War Creche.

Wyrmslayer Angvardi

61, 30

Very high up, on the tower above Froststone Vault.

Agni Blazehoof

69, 54

56, 39

67, 61

Requires Alchemy item to spawn (Draconic Suppression Powder).

Tidesmith Zarviss

67, 75

63, 61

80, 58

Requires Blacksmithing item to spawn (Ancient Ceremonial Trident).


40, 53

54, 45

55, 51

Requires Cooking item to spawn (Sparkling Spice Pouch).


55, 36

47, 64

46, 78

Requires Enchanting item to spawn (Glowing Crystal Bookmark).


54, 72

44, 74

61, 26

Requires Engineering item to spawn (Gnomish Voicebox).

Sir Pinchalot

70, 41

23, 67

47, 90

Requires Fishing item to spawn (Elusive Croaking Crab).


35, 40

40, 53

75, 31

56, 59

Requires Herbalism item to spawn (Dormant Lifebloom Seeds).


61, 64

49, 41

48, 37

Requires Inscription item to spawn (Arcane Dispelling Rune).


28, 57

42, 44

81, 33

Requires Jewelcrafting item to spawn (Crystal Tuning Fork).


48, 49

37, 47

64, 72

Requires Leatherworking item to spawn (Reinforced Pristine Leather).


74, 36

45, 42

Requires Mining item to spawn (Amplified Quaking Stone).


70, 46

45, 36

50, 86

Requires Skinning item to spawn (Razor-Sharp Animal Bone).


57, 48

31, 53

60, 91

Requires Tailoring item to spawn (Traditional Morqut Kite).

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Every Rare has the chance to drop the Ancient Salamanther mount once per day.

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Forbidden Reach Rewards

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Forbidden Reach Zone Guide (3)

There are a variety of rewards that you can gain from the Forbidden Reach. The most common will be Elemental Overflow, a currency that has been available since the expansion's launch but is now available in large quantities. This can be spent on various items and collectibles sold by the NPCs in Morqut Village.



Item Type


Dragonscale Surplus Cache

Dragonscale Expedition

Loot Chest

Draconic Artifact x1

Sack of Oddities

Dragonscale Expedition

Loot Chest

Elemental Overflow x2000

Reliquary Scroll of Perception

Dragonscale Expedition

Temporary Buff

Elemental Overflow x2000

Iskaara Supply Bag

Iskaara Tuskarr

Loot Chest

Wondrous Fish x1


Iskaara Tuskarr

Battle Pet

Elemental Overflow x25000

Morqut Hearth Totem

Iskaara Tuskarr


Elemental Overflow x2000

Maruuk Surplus Bundle

Maruuk Centaur

Loot Chest

Token of Blessing x1

Noble Bruffalon

Maruuk Centaur


Elemental Overflow x100000

Essence of Divination

Maruuk Centaur

Temporary Buff

Elemental Overflow x2000

Valdrakken Surplus Chest

Valdrakken Accord

Loot Chest

Mysterious Writings x1

Windborne Velocidrake: Exposed Finned Neck

Valdrakken Accord

Dragon Riding Customisation

Elemental Overflow x2500

Highland Drake: Tapered Nose

Valdrakken Accord

Dragon Riding Customisation

Elemental Overflow x2500

Azure Scrying Crystal

Valdrakken Accord

Temporary Buff

Elemental Overflow x2000

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To help any new or alt characters, most activities in the Forbidden Reach will provide you with randomised Primalist Gear. These are 385 ilvl tokens that can be mailed to any character on your account and can be used to funnel gear or provide some catchup, as they cover every item slot.

The gear can be upgraded to 395 ilvl with Untapped Forbidden Knowledge, another currency that will come from the same sources.

This patch has only one new reputation: the Obsidian Warders (Alliance) or the Dark Talons (Horde). However, the new Envoy system allows you to specialise your reputation gains with any of the original four Dragonflight Renowns. Each day you may select a Renown, which will provide a ten percent increase to all reputation gained with them, alongside an extra daily. You can select your daily Envoy from the Scroll next to the faction NPCs in Morqut Village.

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World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Forbidden Reach Zone Guide (2024)


Is it worth doing forbidden reach? ›

One of the main reasons players will go to the Forbidden Reach is to explore the mysterious Zskera Vaults. Exploring the vaults containing Neltharion's forgotten experiments will allow players to obtain the Onyx Annulet, a powerful ring that allows customization of effects via socketable Primordial Stones.

How do you skip the forbidden reach campaign? ›

One skips the INTRO to Forbidden Reach by talking to Kurazidaia at the top of the Seat of the Aspects (Forbidden Reach Intro Skip pic) after speaking to Kurazidaia, once obtaining 'Hidden Legacies', which takes you to the top of the cliff above Morqut Village in Forbbiden Reach, where Emberthal offers the quest 'The ...

How many keys for forbidden reach vault? ›

*Each key unlocks one of the doors in the vault, and there are several floors to work through. The doors will reset weekly, so you'll need 30 Zskera Vault Keys to unlock all the doors each week. Behind each locked door you'll find a variety of chests, gold piles, or boxes waiting to be looted.

What is the 10 rep buff from the forbidden reach? ›

A new Envoy System in the Forbidden Reach allows players to target specific major factions while working on Renown. Once you choose the faction you'd like to help out, you will receive a 10% reputation buff for all reputation gains for that faction for 23 hours. Elemental Overflow.

How to unlock Zaralek Cavern? ›

Finishing Scar of Earth and Fire quest on one character will unlock tunnels to the Zaralek Cavern account-wide, however, the Forbidden Reach campaign still needs to be completed or skipped on each character separately to get access to the 10.1 campaign.

Can you go to Forbidden Reach before 70? ›

To start the A Creche Divided campaign, you'll need to be level 70. Head to Valdrakken and speak with Kurazidaia atop the Seat of the Aspects to start the first quest, ! Hidden Legacies. This will lead to the quest !

Do you have to do the forbidden reach questline? ›

Short answer: Yes. However, take the quest. Go to flightmaster. Fly to Forbidden reach.

How do you gear up forbidden reach? ›

To enhance the 385 Item Level Primal Infused gear to an item level of 395, you must speak with Researcher Baneflare, who can be found near the Morqut Village flightpath in The Forbidden Reach. Keep in mind that you will require an Untapped Forbidden Knowledge to upgrade the gear.

How to get Zskera Vault keys? ›

Obtaining Zskera Vault Keys
  1. Chance to drop from killing mobs and rares at the Forbidden Reach;
  2. Guaranteed drop from Forbidden Hoard events in the Forbidden Reach;
  3. Chance to drop from Sack of Oddities, purchasable from Cataloger Daela at Morqut Village for 0 Elemental Overflow each.

What does an egg of unknown contents turn into? ›

I combined the Egg of Unknown Contents with the "Speck of Bronze Dust" and it turned into "Sleeping Ancient Mammoth". This new item now requires it to be combined with an "Emerald Dragon Broach" to 'waken' it.

What are ancient vault artifacts used for? ›

You can turn them to Lillian Brightmoon at 35.21, 24.62 in Valdrakken. She give 150 Dragonscale Expedition rep and 50 Dragon Isle Supplies for a stack of 5 or 30 Dragonscale Expedition reputation and 10 Dragon Isle Supplies for 1.

How many keys to open all vault doors in WoW? ›

The weekly vault normally has 28-29 doors. Simply gather about 30 keys, go in, and open all the doors. Keys drop frequently from rares and treaures (including the small purple treasures that respawn constantly).

What is the hardest rep grind in WoW? ›

What is the Hardest Rep Grind in WoW? There are so many reputations in World of Warcraft, but the hardest one has to be the “Insane in the Membrane” achievement grind. This achievement requires players to hit Exalted with several reputations, including reaching Honored with BloodSail Buccaneers.

How to summon Luttrok? ›

To begin the special encounter that summons the ottuk rare Luttrok, you will need to have a Sparkling Spice Pouch crafted. Take the spice pouch to the Spiceless Stew located next to the Morqut Villager in The Old Weyrn Grounds area of The Forbidden Reach at waypoint 55.7, 51.5.

What is the best faction envoy Dragonflight? ›

The Tuskarr Are The Best Faction In WoW: Dragonflight

Joining a Major Faction in WoW: Dragonflight is a personal choice, and they all offer amazing rewards and fun lore and stories to follow. However, the best Renown rewards in WoW: Dragonflight come from the Iskaara Tuskarr.

What is the forbidden reach in Dragonflight? ›

The Forbidden Reach is an island located off the coast of the Dragon Isles. It was fashioned by Neltharion the Earth-Warder to serve as a training ground for his ultimate soldiers, the dracthyr.

What is the forbidden reach catchup gear? ›

Forbidden Reach Catch-Up Gear 101

Gear tokens are available for all slots. They drop from all types of content in the Forbidden Reach, including killing mobs, opening treasure chests, defeating rares, completing Froststone Vault Primal Storms, and more. The gear tokens start at Item Level 385.

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