Where To Watch 'Back to Black': Find Showtimes for the Controversial Amy Winehouse Biopic (2024)

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After the Amy Winehouse biopic was announced in 2022, people began to wonder when the film would come out and, most importantly, who would star as the celebrated British icon. It was then later revealed that Industry's Marisa Abela would play the "Valerie" performer on the big screen under Sam Taylor-Johnson's direction. Years later, the project will be coming out shortly. With Jack O'Connell and Lesley Manville as part of the cast, the upcoming title will follow Amy's trajectory from her early years as an aspiring musician to her successful turn with the release of her second album, Back to Black (which happens to be the film's name).

Yet, as most people know, the singer had a short-lived career, having died at 27 years old. Her sudden passing was a shocking moment for fans, family, and anyone who knew about the singer's path to sobriety. The biopic will shed light on her music, her toxic relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil (who became the source of inspiration for Amy's award-winning album), and her experiences with fame and addiction. In case you are planning to watch the film upon its release, here is a guide to when and where you'll get to see it.

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Back to Black



It chronicles the life and music of Amy Winehouse, through the journey of adolescence to adulthood and the creation of one of the best-selling albums of our time.

Release Date
May 17, 2024
Sam Taylor-Johnson
Marisa Abela , Eddie Marsan , Lesley Manville , Jack O'Connell

Main Genre

Matt Greenhalgh

When Is the Release Date for 'Back to Black'?

Where To Watch 'Back to Black': Find Showtimes for the Controversial Amy Winehouse Biopic (2)

The biopic came out in the U.K. on April 14, 2024, over a month before the film reaches the U.S. and other corners of the world. Other countries also got an early roll-out, with it premiering in Germany and the Netherlands on April 18, France on April 24, and New Zealand on April 25. Now, it is time for the North American release date, which happens to be on May 17. This means that the wait is nearly over, and audiences from both the U.S. and Canada will get to experience Amy's story. The project was initially set to come out on May 10, but it was pushed down to a few days after that date.

Is 'Back to Black' in Theaters?

Where To Watch 'Back to Black': Find Showtimes for the Controversial Amy Winehouse Biopic (3)

The film will be exclusively in theaters, meaning that it won't be available to stream for the time being. Yet, given that other Focus Features productions, such as Drive-Away Dolls, landed on Peaco*ck following their big screen run, it is probable that the Amy Winehouse biopic might have a similar fate. Since the film is only hitting theaters right now, it might take a little while before there is any news about when the project will come out on streaming.

The onscreen depiction of Amy's life has been met with both praise and criticism from critics and fans, who've been quick to acknowledge Abela's vocals and denounce the project's ability to honor the British singer's unique music style. Despite the mixed reception, the lead actress shared with Vanity Fair that she had a positive experience playing the musician in her first major cinematic accomplishment:

“When I was prepping for the film it was about getting a sensory experience of where Amy would have been, and how she would’ve felt. The knowledge that she would’ve sat where I’m sitting is an overwhelming feeling, but it’s intertwined with the practical memories of shooting the film.”


Marisa Abela Takes Center Stage As The Late, Great Amy Winehouse In The 'Back to Black' Trailer

The Sam Taylor-Johnson directed feature also stars Jack O’Connell, Eddie Marsan, Juliet Cowan, and Lesley Manville.

Find Showtimes for 'Back to Black'

If you are looking to secure your tickets in advance and would like to find out more information about showtimes in theaters near you, check out the links below:

Watch the Trailer for 'Back to Black'

The trailer for Back to Black premiered on February 2, 2024, introducing Abela as the late music icon. "I want people to hear my voice and forget their troubles for five minutes," says the protagonist at the beginning of the clip. The sneak peek shows the singer in her early days, wanting to write songs like her greatest inspirations: Lauren Hill and Sarah Vaughn. As her talent is discovered by a label, she signs a record deal and her career begins in the U.K. After crossing paths with Blake Fielder-Civil, a charming man she meets at a bar, Amy falls for him instantly. However, things didn't work out for them both, resulting in the singer's revered second album, "Back to Black". The rest of the trailer sees the British artist become a chart-topper in America, get into a back-and-forth relationship with Blake, and show a glimpse at her harrowing journey through addiction.

What Is 'Back to Black' About?

Where To Watch 'Back to Black': Find Showtimes for the Controversial Amy Winehouse Biopic (4)

Here is the official synopsis of the film, according to Focus Features:

The extraordinary story of Amy Winehouse’s early rise to fame from her early days in Camden through the making of her groundbreaking album, Back to Black that catapulted Winehouse to global fame. Told through Amy’s eyes and inspired by her deeply personal lyrics, the film explores and embraces the many layers of the iconic artist and the tumultuous love story at the center of one of the most legendary albums of all time.

Other Music Biopics Like 'Back to Black' to Watch Next

Music biopics have become incredibly popular in the past few years, with several of them coming out and revisiting the careers of artists like Elvis Presley and Elton John. Some of these films went on to receive multiple accolades, including an Oscar for Rami Malek, who played Freddy Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. The recommendations below also offer a deep dive into these musicians' life stories, how they've handled fame, and what happened to them throughout their music journeys.

Rocketman (2019)

Where To Watch 'Back to Black': Find Showtimes for the Controversial Amy Winehouse Biopic (5)

As previously mentioned, Elton John's life has recently received screen treatment. His story was the focal point of Rocketman, a 2019 biopic with a musical vein. In the film, viewers witness the singer's (whose real name is Reginald Dwight) evolution from a talented pianist to a record-breaking name in music. Similarly to Amy's trajectory, John suffered from addiction after he rose to fame and his path to sobriety is tackled in the 2019 movie. The songs featured in the biopic, "Tiny Dancer" and "I'm Still Standing", play at key times that relate to the artist's personal experiences when the songs were written, which is another trait that this film shares with Back to Black.

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Nowhere Boy (2009)

Where To Watch 'Back to Black': Find Showtimes for the Controversial Amy Winehouse Biopic (6)

Prior to Sam Taylor-Johnson directing Marisa Abela as the onscreen version of Amy Winehouse, she directed Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a biopic about another British icon, John Lennon. In 2009's Nowhere Boy, the actor plays a young version of Lennon, before he united with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr to form The Beatles. A rebellious teen with an interest in playing the guitar and writing songs, the project explores his transition from being a typical boy from Liverpool to a key member of one of rock's greatest groups. Viewers also get to see Lennon joining his first band, The Quarrymen, and how his experience as part of the ensemble was a catalyst for what happened next on his journey.

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Selena (1997)

Where To Watch 'Back to Black': Find Showtimes for the Controversial Amy Winehouse Biopic (7)

Like Amy, Latin music sensation Selena Quintanilla-Perez was a promising artist with a career cut short after she died at an early age. Jennifer Lopez played the pop star onscreen in the biopic Selena, which led the actress to be acclaimed by critics for her ability to accurately channel the artist and her legacy. The Mexican-American singer known as "The Queen of Tejano Music" began her music journey performing on stage next to her father, and once success came knocking on her door, she became a stand-alone act. Like Amy, Selena fell for a man that her family wasn't thrilled about and they eloped. Happily married and winning crowds over with her charisma, everything was going well for the singer, until she was killed by the president of her fan club and never had the opportunity to finish her debut album.

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Where To Watch 'Back to Black': Find Showtimes for the Controversial Amy Winehouse Biopic (2024)
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