The current top 10 best Apex Legends players (2024)

As with any competitive title, Apex Legends encourages its players to strive to be the best. Whether that’s the best among their friends, achieving the top spot on the Apex Predator list, or achieving glory on the international stage in the Apex Global Series, Apex is a game for people who like to win and strive for winning.

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It’s natural then for people to wonder just who the best Apex players really are. While there are many popular streamers who are great, how do they stack up against some of the lesser-known players and pros from other regions that might be just as good, if not better?

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 best Apex players in 2023.

The current 10 best players in Apex Legends


Lucas “artiNN1” Cafure is a Brazilian Apex Legend player who is currently playing with the team, Team Singularity. Being a part of this team since September, 2021 artiNN1 has already won many tournaments with the most popular being the ALGS Championship 2021 and ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Playoffs.

He mains the character Valkyrie in Apex Legends and continues to amaze fans with his outstanding Apex Legends skills and performance at championships.


The IGL for APAC-N’s Fnatic, YukaF is known globally as one of the best mechanical players in terms of movement and aim, able to effortlessly duel enemies even in the highest pressure environments. While many pros don’t bother with flashy movement techniques like wall-jumping, YukaF embraces the chaos he creates, confusing his enemies with an array of boosts, glides, and jumps to get the upper hand in every single fight.

These techniques aren’t just for show, as YukaF had proven at the Split Two Playoffs in multiple occasions. His prowess allowed him to open up teamfights and clutch impossible situations, all without a single mechanical mistake. Fnatic continues to shine as APAC-N’s brightest and most creative team, and YukaF continues to amaze with each and every international competition.


Dylan Price, more known as Prycyy is an Apex Legends player from Australia. His current team is with Divine and previously was with Moist Esports, an American organization co-owned by noticeable streamers and content creators, MoistCr1tiKaL and Ludwig.

Within his time with Moist Esports, Prycyy strived for the best as he placed in the top 10 of most of his tournaments. He can play quite aggressive for a player who mostly mains healer in order to support his team. However, balancing the two, his playstyle is easily a reason that he belongs on his list.

Effect’s career in Apex has only just begun, with his sights already set on dominating the 2023 Championship and securing ALL and EMEA their first-ever international win.


One of the current hottest commodities in Apex, Nicholas “Vein” Hobbs has catapulted to international fame with his standout performance in the recent Split Two playoffs, captaining Oxygen Esports to a third-place finish and only losing out to the two biggest tournament favorites in DarkZero and TSM. Vein is able to effortlessly switch between charging in with his team and hiding away for an opportunity to strike, outwitting and outlasting the competition to get Oxygen across the finish line.

Vein’s success spans as far as 2021 as one of the first-ever Championship winners with his victory with Kungarna in NA. Recent years have seen him transition between unsigned roster BR Demonz, GLYTCH Energy, and Oxygen, where fans all over the world have seen his meteoric rise.

Vein stands as one of the most improved players in recent years, and with Oxygen locked in for the Championship, Vein is ready to prove that his success wasn’t a one-tournament fluke and that he can replicate his results on a consistent basis.


The IGL of DarkZero stands as the most diverse IGL in all of Apex, having led multiple teams to success in multiple different regions. He won the Oceanic qualifier in 2021 with EXO Clan, won 2022’s APAC-S Pro League and the Split Two Playoffs with Reignite, and took home the 2022 Championship and 2023 Split Two Playoffs on North America’s DarkZero. Zer0 has shown time and time again his killer instinct in making game-winning rotations and plays that can lead any roster to victory under his leadership.

DarkZer0 has always stood as heavy favorites to win any tournament, including the upcoming Championship, and there’s no secret to their success. Zer0 stands as the prime example of how textbook Apex should be played, from ring rotations to identifying vulnerable targets and knowing when to fully commit to a fight.


The Aussie controller demon is fresh off of an ALGS Championship victory and is still one of the most dangerous players in the game to contend with if you meet him on the battlefield. While Genburten was forced to sit out his team’s championship performance in the Split Two playoffs last year, he returned for the Championship and even led his team in kills during the grand finals of the event.

Of course, finally performing at LAN also gave Genburten the chance to show off to critics that he hasn’t been using a strikepack this whole time. With aim assist flowing through his thumbs and DarkZero’s continued dominance in NA throughout Split Two, Genburten is always a player to watch out for.


One of the original Apex monsters, Ras is Crazy Raccoon’s talisman and a player that never ceases to amaze with his mechanical skill and is always a contender for every tournament. While Crazy Raccoon has sometimes failed to show up in the LAN environment, Ras has consistently been able to prove himself in APAC-N as one of their most dominant players and has proven able to lead multiple iterations of his team to every single international event.

Year three of the ALGS has proven to be disappointing for Crazy Raccoon fans, with back-to-back 35th place finishes at both Playoffs, despite finishing top five domestically with multiple individual game wins.

However, Ras’ never give up attitude once again led his team to victory in APAC-N winning the Last Chance Qualifier on round eight with an 18-point lead over second place. Ras and Crazy Raccoon stand as one of the biggest dark horses to attend the Championship—with nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Gnaske has always been a positive pillar of energy in the Apex community since 2019, able to prop up any team he lands on with his relaxed personality and world-class IGL skill. His biggest claim to fame lies in his past roster GMT Esports where he led the team to a fifth in the 2022 ALGS Championship despite having to play with a substitute member.

Now on Pioneers, Gnaske has led his team to their highest ever domestic finish at third place in the EMEA Pro League, before almost matching his past international record with the recent sixth-place finish at the Split Two Playoffs, the highest out of the ten EMEA teams at the event. Gnaske’s success only seems to continue shooting upward, and with Pioneers already qualified for the Championship, he could possibly lead EMEA to their first-ever LAN win.


Years pass, and rosters change with each Split, but one consistent factor throughout all of competitive Apex has been ImperialHal and TSM, a partnership that has lasted since the game’s initial release four years ago. Hal has showcased his ability to shotcall at the highest level and frag out, contesting the individual kill leaderboards at every event he attends, domestic or international.

No matter the meta, no matter their current position in the leaderboard, ImperialHal and TSM is always able to bring their 100 percent in every single match and can never truly be counted out in any tournament.

Even though they struggled during the Split Two Pro League and almost didn’t qualify for LAN, TSM was able to make one of the greatest late-season comebacks, catapulting to a standout second-place finish at the following Playoffs and almost defending their title.


Verhulst is an American, 20 year old professional Apex Legend player, currently on the team, TSM. His most recent win was at ALGS: 2023 Championship where he took the first place trophy. Other noticeable wins are from 2023 as well with the team TSM.

Verhulst is an ALGS split 1 champion and is seen as the ‘controller prodigy’ and is anticipating many more wins with TSM.

Who is the best Apex Legends Player?

The best player in Apex Legends is Verhulst. Born in 2002 in the USA, he is now 20 and started his Esports career in 2021 and plays for the team, TSM. Verhulst quickly rose to the top as the best Apex Legends player in the world.

He is highly skilled at gameplay and barely lets the game’s ups and or downs effect him. With high concentration, he has the ability to bounce back from losses and adjust to the newest meta and helps TSM stay on top.

With Verhulst’s good decision making, he stays away from tunnel vision and knows how to manage his plays in the heat of the moment. Being the ‘controller prodigy’ he does not fall, even in the face of defeat making Verhulst the best Apex Legends player of all time.

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The current top 10 best Apex Legends players (2024)
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