Safest Bank in India for Fixed Deposits (2024)

Here is a list of the top 10 banks in India as per RBI:

S. No.

Bank Name


State bank of India (SBI)






Punjab National Bank (PNB)


Bank of Baroda (BoB)


Axis Bank


Canara Bank


Union Bank of India


Bank of India (BOI)


IndusInd Bank

1. State Bank of India (SBI)

The State Bank of India (SBI) is India’s largest public sector bank providing an extensive range of banking services. The bank offers financial products and services effectively catering to its large customer base across the country. Some of their services include retail/corporate banking, and wealth management services, among others.

2. HDFC Bank

The HDFC Bank is one of the leading private sector banks in India, due to its strong financial performance. It places a firm emphasis on innovation and technology, offering convenient digital banking solutions and various banking services to many. The bank primarily caters to retail, corporate and institutional customers, among others.

3. ICICI Bank

The ICICI Bank is not only known for their technologically advanced banking solutions but also their customer-centric approach. The bank has won several awards in the past, including ‘Company of the Year at The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence in 2022, among others.

4. Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is one of the most well-known public sector banks in India, and has a major presence in most rural and semi-urban areas. It has a good track record and history of effectively catering to its customers, with its various financial services. Moreover, it remains committed to promoting financial inclusion across the country.

5. Bank of Baroda (BoB)

Bank of Baroda (BoB) is another established public sector bank reputed for its extensive network of branches and international presence. Bank of Baroda is a nationalised bank owned by the government and offers a wide range of banking services. Furthermore, the bank has led many digital initiatives and more to improve its operations.

6. Axis Bank

Axis Bank is the third-largest private sector bank in India with a strong international presence. The bank provides various financial products to its customers such as fixed deposits, loans, and credit cards, along with several banking services. The bank emphasises on maintaining customer relations and aims to be financially inclusive.

7. Canara Bank

Canara Bank is another well-established bank with a notable presence across the country, especially within rural and semi-urban areas. It is one of the most trusted and oldest banks in India with a good track record of ensuring reliable financial services. Canara Bank provides a diverse range of investment options and other financial services, making it quite useful and convenient for many customers.

8. Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India is a renowned public sector bank known for its extensive banking options and customer-centric approach. Retail banking, corporate banking, and international banking are some of the many products and services offered. The bank is committed to ensuring cutting-edge, technologically advanced banking experiences for its customers.

9. Bank of India (BOI)

Bank of India (BOI) is a government-owned entity committed to ensuring financial inclusion and economic growth in the country. The bank is also a founding member of SWIFT, a service that facilitates the provision of cost-effective communication services and financial processing.

10. IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank is a private sector bank that offers an extensive range of financial and banking services to its customers. It has a major emphasis on offering personalised banking solutions and high-grade customer service. Furthermore, it is also highly rated for security, making it one of the safer options for conducting banking operations.

Note: Please note that the position and rankings of these banks can change over time. Furthermore, it is recommended to keep track of the latest financial reports and updates to get the most accurate and updated data.

Safest Bank in India for Fixed Deposits (2024)
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