Safe & Secured Banking - Hightest Security Measures to Stay Protected Online at HDFC Bank (2024)

About Stay Secure

HDFC Bank uses the most stringent and highest security measures to keep you fully protected whenever you use any of our digital properties to transact – online or IVR or mobile app. 128-bit encryption, two-factor authentication and virtual cards are some of the techniques we use to safeguard your online transactions and ensure you get maximum security.

Safe & Secured Banking - Hightest Security Measures to Stay Protected Online at HDFC Bank (2024)


How to make HDFC NetBanking more secure? ›

Change your IPIN as soon as you receive it by logging into your NetBanking account. Memorize your IPIN, do not write it down anywhere. Ensure your computer has a firewall and the latest version of anti –virus software installed. Keep changing your IPIN regularly.

How can I protect my HDFC Bank account? ›

Stay Secure
  1. IVR 3D Secure. Get additional password protection for your transactions over the Interactive Voice Response system or through a mobile app. ...
  2. Netsafe. Protect your debit and credit cards online by using a unique virtual card number in its place while shopping. ...
  3. Verified By Visa / MasterCard Secure Code. ...
  4. OTP Checkout.

What is the best security for online banking? ›

Create a "strong" password with at least 8 characters that includes a combination of mixed case letters and numbers. Change your password frequently. Never share username and password information with third-party providers. Avoid using an automatic login feature that saves usernames and passwords.

How safe is HDFC NetBanking? ›

HDFC Bank has a secure banking policy to protect you while your perform banking transactions online. At HDFC Bank, we strive to give you a secure online banking experience. Learn all about banking online safely, and the measures we take to protect you here.

What is secure access in HDFC Bank? ›

Secure Access Question is an enhanced security feature that provides an additional layer of authentication for safeguarding the confidential details of customers.

How do I make sure my online banking is secure? ›

Ways to protect your online banking information
  1. Password-protect all banking access. ...
  2. Choose strong and unique passwords. ...
  3. Enable two-factor authentication. ...
  4. Log out when you finish banking. ...
  5. Avoid public Wi-Fi. ...
  6. Don't use a shared computer. ...
  7. Sign up for banking alerts. ...
  8. Guard against phishing scams.
Oct 14, 2023

Is it safe to have account in HDFC Bank? ›

In India, HDFC Bank has continuously been ranked among the best banks in terms of both assets and client happiness. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) controls the bank, ensuring that it follows strict financial laws and security procedures.

What is the security type of HDFC Bank? ›

IPIN Security

A system-generated IPIN is delivered to each user through a tamperproof medium. The IPIN is generated randomly by the system and directly printed on tamper proof media. It is then encrypted and stored on the NetBanking system to facilitate authentication using industry-specified encryption standards.

What are the threats for HDFC Bank? ›

  • Competitors expanding their business could harm HDFC's operations.
  • New banking licences and rules may affect business.
  • International banks with a wide range of items.

Which bank has the safest online banking? ›

NerdWallet's Best Online Banks of 2024
  • UFB Direct: Best for Online banks with savings accounts only.
  • EverBank: Best for Online banks with checking and savings accounts.
  • TAB Bank: Best for Online banks with checking and savings accounts.
  • Upgrade: Best for Online banks with checking and savings accounts.
Dec 21, 2023

What bank is the most secure from hackers? ›

Summary: Safest Banks In The U.S. Of May 2024
BankForbes Advisor RatingLearn More CTA text
Chase Bank5.0Learn More
Bank of America4.2
Wells Fargo Bank4.0Learn More
1 more row
Jan 29, 2024

Can I trust online banking? ›

Online banks are some of the safest places to store your money. In many ways, they're similar to traditional brick-and-mortar banks. But it's important to follow standard web best practices when banking online.

What is the disadvantage of HDFC Bank? ›

Drawbacks of HDFC Bank:
  • The bank has limited monthy free transaction. After the the free transaction are used up, they start charging you transaction fee.
  • HDFC is not up to the mark in terms of technology and features availability.
May 3, 2021

Is HDFC Bank safe now? ›

Having offered the best-in-class financial and banking products and services for decades, today, HDFC Bank holds the status of being India's most trusted bank.

How to secure an HDFC account? ›

Memorize your IPIN, do not write it down anywhere. Avoid accessing internet banking from shared computer networks such as cyber cafes or public Wifi network like hotel/airport etc. Do not click on links in the emails or sites other than to access your NetBanking webpage.

How can I make my net banking safe? ›

7 Tips for Safe Online Banking
  1. Selecting a strong password. ...
  2. Never share your password. ...
  3. Avoid phishing e-mails. ...
  4. Use your own computer/laptop. ...
  5. Use licensed Anti-Virus software. ...
  6. Register for account notifications. ...
  7. Type the URL of your bank.

How do we increase the security of online banking? ›

Six ways to improve your online banking security
  1. Use a strong password. ...
  2. Add two-factor authentication. ...
  3. Understand how your bank communicates with you. ...
  4. Only use secure devices. ...
  5. Make the most of your bank's safety features. ...
  6. Stop before you login.
Oct 7, 2022

How can I add my HDFC secure ID in NetBanking? ›

Option 1: Before log-in:
  1. Open your HDFC Bank MobileBanking App.
  2. Click on “SET UP 4 DIGIT LOGIN PIN”
  3. Enter your Customer ID and mobile number.
  4. Enter OTP received on registered mobile number.
  5. Validate with your Debit Card details / Split OTP (in case you do not have an active Debit Card)

What is 2 factor authentication for HDFC NetBanking? ›

A 2FA will ensure that even if the scammers can get your password, they will still need access to your registered mobile number or email ID to get the one-time key or OTP. Without successfully entering the key or OTP, no one can ever log into your account!

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