Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (2024)

Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to Maria on the road to Paterdomus.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


  • Skills: 3 Defence (for the anticipation ability)
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting Started

Note: To enjoy this quest to the full potential, it is recommended playing on high detail and the suggested audio settings. This quest is not voice acted yet has atmospheric sounds which add to gameplay. It should be noted however that there are certain disturbing audio parts, such as extended periods of loud screaming, and that having audio on may not be for everybody. If you find this quest visually disturbing, it is also suggested that you turn graphic settings to minimum and listen to this song on loop.

You can begin this quest by speaking to Maria in front of a large mansion on the road to Paterdomus.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (1)

Maria will explain that the mansion is allegedly haunted by a ghost. She will tell you the master of the mansion, Ingram, is believed to have found the ghost and since then there has been no sign of him. Accept the quest and enter through the large front doors. Before going in to the mansion, you will have to bank all of your items. There is conveniently a deposit box next to Maria where you can do this. After a brief cutscene with the ghost of a child, you should find yourself in the large mansion.

The Mansion

Before we get into the guide, we should talk about the mansion. The mansion is rather large (much larger than any castle in RuneScape) and is actual built upon an ancient asylum which itself is expansive. Due to this, it will get easy to get lost. The in-game map, while helpful, does not tell you which door is which. To make your life easier we have done this for each floor. Remember, RuneScape maps use British naming conventions.

First Floor Map

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (2)

Ground Floor Map

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (3)

Basem*nt Map

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (4)

These maps will be your best friend. They will be referenced and brought up again later in the quest.

Also, the mansion is haunted by a ghost! The ghost, named Ormond, will appear in random places throughout the mansion. If you happen to find yourself in a room with Ormond, he will attack and damage you for around 7-10% of your maximum health each attack. Luckily for you, he will never randomly appear in a room which you are already in. So if you're in a room without Ormond, you should have no reason to fear Ormond randomly coming in and ruining your day. This will allow you to refer back to this guide for large intervals of time.

It is also very easy to tell where Ormond is. A room that Ormond is located in will look like this (notice the grey mist at the bottom).

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (5)

If you wish to enter a room where Ormond inhabits, right click the door and select the "peek" option. You should see Ormond through the keyhole, and after a few seconds he will disappear. Following this, the room is safe to enter.

There will also be other environmental factors you will have to deal with later in the quest. We will discuss them when they appear.

If you happen to die during this quest, you will be brought back to your last saved point. There are certain rooms that will save your progress whenever you enter them. This will be noted in your chatbox. There are also several events which will automatically save your progress.

Clocks, Books, and Ravens

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (6)

The path for this section

To begin, enter through the door which the ghostly waif entered through, which is the southern most door on the west side of the room. Check the grandfather clock and open the chest to get some mystery meat (which will heal you to full health at any life point level). Head out through the north door and then enter the western door. You should see a ghost get swallowed up and drop a raven key and clock hands. Run back to the grandfather clock and use the clock hands with it to obtain your first eye piece.

Now, head back to the main room and enter the Raven door on the western side. Once you're in that hallway, enter the door to the south and skim through Ingram's notes on the desk. Now, head to the next room, where you should find a pile of books lying around. You will have to place these back on the shelf in a specific order.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (7)

The order in figuring this out is random for each player and there is no reason to their order. You have to figure this out by brute force. Randomly stack the books (by clicking on them) and pay attention to the hints given to you on the interface (as seen above). Strategically switch books out. It should get easier as you go along as there are fewer book combinations to deal with. After doing this, you will receive two more gems.

Statues, Armour, and Scythes

Now, enter back to the hallway you entered after opening the Raven door and open the eastern door and the northernmost door in the next hallway. Now, enter the first southern door. You will find yourself in a room with statues. The objective here is to reach the eye gem at the opposite side of the room. Simply push the statues until you reach it. It is not a difficult puzzle, but if you find yourself in a position where getting the eye gem is impossible right click a statue and click "reset."

Exit this room once you have the eye gem and ascend the stairs. Click on the southern most door to unbolt it, then head back and enter the door near the stairs. On entry, you should see two ghostly waifs waltz through the eastern door. Enter this and head through the southwestern door. Search the notes on the floor to get a spider key and a scroll fragment. Exit this room.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (8)

The path for the next two paragraphs

Now head to the spider door by going to the top level of the entrance room. Enter the spider door on the western part of the first floor and then enter the southern door, where you will find yourself with a dead servant. Search the dead servant for another eye piece. Now head to the next room to the west and draw back the curtain. Search the faceless servant for a statue key.

Exit to the hallway and enter the northwestern door. In the next hallway enter the northeastern door. You will find yourself with an emaciated spirit, which will disappear when you approach it. Enter the southern door closest to the door which you entered from (the statue door) and begin to place the six eye gems in the statues (the sixth eye gem will be next to the first statue). Each statue will use up two eye gems. After you've put two gems into a statue, enter the next room, and continue. You will run out of gems at the last statue, but besides this statue is the Scythe key.

Head back to the top floor of the entrance room and enter the eastern most door, the scythe door. Enter through the southeastern door and investigate the shrine.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (9)

Doing this will give you a piano key and a skull key. Exit this room and you will hear a scream to the west. Now things will get interesting.

Dealing with Fire

Next, you will have to head to the skull door on the ground floor. Peek out of the western door to unfortunately find out that a disrespectful somebody has blocked the door to the main room with the body of a dead servant, so you can't exit via the door you entered. You will have to take an indirect route back. Exit the hallway through the northeastern door and then exit this hallway through the northwestern door. Now, enter through the northern door. Descend the stairs and enter the southeastern most door. While running through this hallway to enter the next door, you will face an explosion and begin taking in constant damage of 2-4% of your maximum lifepoints due to a purple energy field. Quickly exit this door and then enter the western most door to enter the main room on the ground floor level.

Warning: From here on out, the main room will damage you for 2-4% of your life points constantly. Try to spend as little time as possible in this room.

Enter either of the western doors on the ground floor of the main room. If possible, try to enter the southwestern most door (or at least the safe room at some point) so you can save your progress. Once you have done this, enter through the skull door. Enter the closest door to the east and search Ormond's Scribblings to find another spell piece. Now exit this room and, if you wish, enter the other eastern door. You will be able to speak to the ghostly waif but she will not speak back. Next, enter the northern door and then the western door and you should find yourself in a room with a grand piano. Use the piano key with the piano and you should hear a click. This will open a hidden door, seen to the right of the character below.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (10)

Another eye gem is in the room beyond the door. You will take constant damage from the energy field in this room. Enter this room and quickly search the southeastern skeleton. You will have to click through a chatbox before getting the eye gem. Do not click the skeleton and run away; you'll just have to enter the room again and lose more health. Once you have the gem, exit the piano room and go through the southeastern most door. Following that, take the stairs down and you should find yourself in the basem*nt.

The Basem*nt

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (11)

Enter the north door on the west side of the room and search the dead butler (apparently the butler didn't do it this time). You will receive the cleaver key. If you wish, you can enter the western door on the northern side of the room and obtain another piece of mystery meat. Now, enter the cleaver door (the eastern door on the northern side of the room). You should find yourself among flying knives and broken glass. You will have to make it to the door while avoiding the flying knives. If you run on the broken glass, you will be damaged, so avoid running if possible. Walking past the flying knives should not be very difficult considering the knives move at a very slow speed. If you need some comic relief, search the wine barrel after passing the second flying knife.

After you are out of this room, you will find yourself in a larger room. There will be a haunted chair which will occasionally (for a very brief time) be occupied by a ghost. This is not Ormond and this ghost will not harm you in any way. It was simply added for a scare factor.

Enter the middle door on the northern wall and search the drawers for a large pipette. Exit this room and enter the northern door east of the one you just entered. Use the pipette with the hanging pig. Now open the eastern door and search the furnace for some human ashes. Head back to the main room and use the ashes and bile on the cauldron in the southwest part of the room. Extract the resulting alkaline solution with the pipette and use the pipette on the southern door. Once you have done this, enter the southern door.

Warning: Loud, continuous screaming is involved in this next part. Next, enter the door to the west. Search the screaming servant and pry a key from her. You will end up with the doll key. Now enter the north western door and search the key hooks to find the snake key. Following this, climb up the ladder. You will find yourself in the main room, with the purple energy damaging you. Quickly run up the stairs and into the western door.

The Hairbrush

Unlock the doll door to your west and climb up the stairs. You will find a tusks key and a ghostly waif named Lenian. Speak to him and he will speak of a hairbrush. Head back down the stairs and out to the hallway and enter the northwestern door. Go through the hallway and enter the tusks door. You should find yourself among stuffed animal heads. Investigate the bust and a trapdoor will open to the south. Search the thief for the last eye gem.

Exit the tusks room and head to the statue room, which has an entrance just west of the tusks room door. Continue on through the last statue and put the two eye gems in it. This will unlock a secret door behind the statue. Search the shrine to find the hairbrush.

Head back to the doll door and speak to the boy up the stairs. Lenian will thank you, but unfortunately be eaten by a girl, who shortly thereafter turns into a monster. What a plot twist.

The Noose Key

This next section, there is good and bad news. The good news is that during the incident you were able to find the noose key! The bad news is that for much of the next part of the quest you will be running from a massive monster!

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (12)

The monster will usually spawn on where you entered the hallway a second or so after you enter and begin to chase you down the hall. He will not spawn in small rooms. If he manages to catch you, you will instantly die. This part of the quest can be difficult for those with poor internet connections or ping. It is suggested that you change to a good internet connection and a world with good ping if you are not playing in one already. You can use the "anticipation" ability to retain 10% of your life points on attack (instead of instant death), but the ability has a cooldown of 24 seconds, meaning you cannot use it every time.

Exit the doll room and quickly enter the main room before the monster catches you. Enter the northeastern door. The monster will not spawn in this hallway. Now, enter the northeastern door in this hallway and quickly open the door directly to the south of where you appear before the monster kills you. You should find yourself in a bedroom. Search the cupboard and climb it.

The Asylum

For the time being, you do not have to worry about the monster spawning.

You will find yourself in a narrow passageway. Run through and look through the peephole in the northern part of the wall. Now, enter the door at the end of the passageway. Next, enter the northern door on the eastern wall and descend the stairs. Enter this door, which you will automatically unlock using the symbols you found in the peephole.

Head down the next flight of stairs and you will find yourself with four blocks and five plates. This is a puzzle, which is not particularly difficult. The objective here is to make every plate purple. To solve this puzzle, move all but the last blocks on the plates and stand on the middle plate. This will unlock the door.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (13)

Head through the door and down the next three flights of stairs. You will find a large pit in front of you. Click on the rope to descend into it.

You are now in an ancient insane asylum. It is quite large, but not as large as the mansion because many of the doors are locked or have blocked passageways. Unfortunately, there is no map. On the bright side, Ormond does not haunt the insane asylum so you should have no fear of him here.

Open the door to the east and you will find yourself in a lobby type area with a reception desk. Read the mouldering tomb near the entrance if you wish (this is not essential for the quest). Search the desk and you will find Nabor's notes on insanity and the chains key. Now, enter the eastern door (it is the only door you can enter) and continue running through the rooms until you find yourself in barracks with two magical barriers. Open the eastern door and head through the door found just before the rubble which blocks your path. Run through the next room and you will again find yourself in some barracks. Cross the gangplank to the south and pick up the dagger key. Run back to the lobby area and exit the asylum.

The Dagger Room and Finishing

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (14)

The path for the next paragraph

Head back through the purple gate and up the stairs until you find yourself on the ground floor. The monster will spawn once again in each hallway after you open the next door. Open up the northern door and in this next hallway open up the southwestern door. Now run south and open up the skull door. Next, open up the door to the safe room. The monster will not spawn here and your progress will be saved. This route, although indirect, saves your progress and prevents you from running head on into the monster.

Now, run into the main room and head up the stairs. Find the door with the butler in front of it and move the butler out of the way. Next, enter this door and quickly enter the door immediately to the south (the dagger door) before the monster spawns and kills you. Investigate Ingram's rantings to find the last spell piece. Combine the three spell pieces and you will find yourself with a spell transcript.

Prepare for a showdown with the monster! Enter back into the hallway and run east. When the monster spawns, turn around and use the spell transcript with the monster.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (15)

This will civilize the monster. Speak to him and he will reveal himself to be a Cthonian citizen of the ancient Zarosian city Senntisten, who has taken the form of a little girl. He will offer his help in ridding the mansion of Ormond's ghost. You will get the choice for the demon to either consume Ormond or take his son's form and make amends. It does not matter which option you choose.

Head out back into the main hall (the energy field will no longer harm you). Head downstairs and speak to Lenian. After a brief cutscene, you will finish the quest. Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (16)


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Large Prismatic LampLarge Prismatic StarAsylum Doctor's RingThe Pulled Away EmoteBroken Home hard mode unlockedTwo Treasure Hunter Keys

The Asylum Doctor's Ring

The Asylum doctor's ring is a tier 30 ring with the following stats.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (17)

This ring can be upgraded via a hard mode challenge (see below).

Replay and Hard Mode Challenges

This quest can be replayed at any time. Once a week, you can earn a large prismatic lamp. In addition, there are three challenges, for which there are new rewards.

  • Complete the quest without dying: One huge prismatic lamp and access to the next challenge.
  • Complete the quest without dying and use one or less mystery meat: The Rowena pet (the ghostly little girl) and access to the next challenge.
  • Complete the quest under 37 minutes: Access to an enhanced Asylum Doctor ring called the Asylum Surgeon ring. This is a tier 85 defensive ring which has a special ability that has a chance of making you use no adrenaline while using a threshold ability on EOC or a reduced use of special attack energy on Legacy.

Some of you may think it is nearly impossible to finish the quest under 37 minutes if it took you around two hours to finish it the first time. However it can be easily done in under 30 minutes, although you will need some practice. You probably won't be able to use a guide much during the 37 minute challenge.

On top of these challenges, there are also several chests scattered throughout the mansion and the asylum, which you likely noticed but could not open in your first run through. These contain experience lamps of nine different tiers, the first tier requiring level 10 in all skills, the second tier requiring level 20 in all skills, etc. Opening all the chests and using all experience lamps (requiring level 90 in all skills) results in over 120,000 experience in a skill of your choice.

Quest: Broken Home | Sal's Realm of RuneScape (2024)
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