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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

Level 10 reached in all skills.

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

Twilight of the Gods

Items Acquired During Quest:

8 Eye gems, Raven key, Skull key, Scroll fragment 1, Scroll fragment 2, Scroll fragment 3, Clock hands, Mystery meat, Large pipette, Human ashes, Large pipette with pig bile, Alkaline concoction, Scythe key, Noose key, Snake key, Cleaver key, Doll key, Tusks key, Mother's hairbush, Chains key, Dagger key, Grand Piano key, Statue key, Nabor's notes on Insanity, and Break curse scroll.

Quest Points:



A small prismatic lamp, An Asylum Doctor's ring, Pulled Away emote, 2 Treasure Hunter keys, and access Broken Home hard mode.

Start Point:

Outside the mansion on the path to Canifis North-East of Varrock, South of the Odd Old Man.

To Start:

Talk to Maria.


Note: This quest has a total of 9 chests with a magical temporal seal that require all the levels from 10 to 90 in order to open. You can't open them all in single play through, but once after you've completed the quest and replay it again.

  1. Talk to Maria outside the mansion found North East of Varrock and she'll ask for your help in dealing with a ghost which is killing everyone inside the mansion. Accept the quest and she'll tell you that the owner of the mansion, Ingram unleashed a powerful spirit while searching the basem*nt and then ask you to try and save as many people as you can and lay the spirit to rest.
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  2. If you're carrying any items, bank them in the deposit box next to Maria and head up the steps into the mansion. Ignore the warning when you try to open the door and enter. You'll see a quick cutscene showing the ghost of a child before it passes through a door and you can begin to explore the mansion. In this entrance hall you'll see four doors around the outside.
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  3. Every door in the mansion has the right-click option to peek through the keyhole and see what's on the other side, You should always do this before attempting to open a door and if there's mist coming from under it, do not attempt to open the door as the spirit is the other side. After peeking through it, enter the South-West door to find yourself in a dining room.
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  4. Search the chest on the West side of the room to find a piece of Mystery meat which can be used to fully heal and then check the grandfather clock to find that its hands are missing. Now go through the next door into a corridor, then peek through the West door to see a terrified servant, which seems safe enough.
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  5. However, when you enter the room and you'll witness the servant being grabbed by a ghostly hand and sucked through the wall, dropping Clock hands and a Raven key in the process. Pick these up and head back to the grandfather clock in the dining room and use the Clock hands on it to obtain an Eye gem.
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  6. Now head back into the corridor and attempt to go through the North door. You'll find that it's locked and has a picture of a skull on the handle. So, go through the East door back into the entrance hall. Attempt to go through the East door and you'll unlock it with the Raven key and after seeing the ghost child again, you'll be in another corridor.

    Go through the South door into a study and search the desk. You'll read a note from Ingram which explains that the murderous ghost is that of a former owner of the house called Ormod who killed all of his staff and is now doing the same to Ingram's staff. He'll also mention that the ghost child is Ormod's son and that there may be a way out of the mansion in the basem*nt or something that can lay Ormod to rest.
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  7. Go through the East door in the study and you'll find a chest locked with a magical seal. Between the benches against the North wall you'll see a pile of books which can be sorted through. Do so and you'll have to put them back on the shelf in the correct order. This is different for every player and some trial and error work is needed by stacking the books and clicking check to see if a book is in the wrong position.

    The easiest way to do this is to first stack the books in a random order and then swap books between the bottom slot, clicking check each time until you find the right one, then move onto next slot up and so forth until you find the correct order. Once done, you'll receive another two Eye gems.
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  8. After the book puzzle has been completed, make your way back to the study then proceed North to the corridor. Enter the Eastern door to go into another corridor. Proceed to the next door and corridor which contains three doors and a staircase. Go into the middle door to reach the Hall of Armour. In here you must move the statues to make it to the table at the other end of the room.
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    • Push the guard West (only one guard can be moved).
    • Walk South two spaces and push the guard to the East.
    • Walk South again and push the guard West.
    • Walk South again and push the guard East.
    • Walk South two spaces and push the guard East.
    • Push the guard South.
    • Walk North and then West two spaces and push the guard South.
    • Push the guard East and retrieve another Eye gem from the table.
  9. Now exit this room and go upstairs. Enter the East room and you will see a cutscene of a ghostly waif chasing a ghost boy. Follow them to the East door. Go through the Western door. Search Ingram's research notes and you will find a spider key and a Scroll fragment. Exit this room, and retrace back to the staircase (Go back through the North door, then the East door) and enter the door South of it. You will be on the top floor of the entrance hall.
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  10. Enter the Western door with the spider key and then enter the door immediately to the South. Search the dead servant on the bed for another Eye gem and enter the other door in this room. Draw back the curtain and you will see a faceless servant. Talk to it and you will find the Statue key.
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  11. Exit back out to the corridor and this time enter the North door. Enter the other door and you will see an emaciated spirit. As you try to talk to it, it disappears. Enter the South-Western door with the Statue key and you will see another Eye gem on the floor. Pick it up, and start placing the Eye gem in the statues by clicking on them to investigate them. Each statue takes 2 Eye gems and once the Eye gems are inserted, the door in that room will unlock. You can unlock all the doors apart from one, since you are still missing two Eye gems.
  12. Once you get to the last statue, you will see a Scythe key on the floor. Pick it up and go all the way back to the corridor you entered these series of rooms from. Go back from the Western door and follow the passage to a room with more doors. Go through the Eastern door back to the top floor of the entrance hall.
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  13. Now enter the Eastern door with the Scythe key. You can try to open the South-West door but you will need a Dagger key for it. Trying to open the door will get Ingram to speak to you though and warn you not to go down to the basem*nt. Instead go through the South-East door to a safe room. Search the chest here for another Mystery meat and investigate the shrine for a Grand Piano key and the Skull key.
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  14. As you exit the room, you will hear a scream from the door to the West. Try to enter it and you will be told that you need to check the keyhole instead so peek through the door. You will see that a servant has blocked the door since he has died.
  15. Now go to the North-East door and enter the far door. Enter the Western door and go down the stairs and through the far door. Halfway through this corridor, the windows will burst and from now on, some rooms will glow brightly with the energy from the mansion and damage you as long as you are in the room so you will need to run. Enter the next room and go through the Western door to the entrance hall.
  16. You want to open the first door you came through which is the SOUTH WESTERN door. Go through the Northern door at the end of the room to enter a corridor, then enter the Northern door. Open the door directly to the East and search Ormod's scribblings for another Scroll fragment. Exit this room and go to the North-East room. You will see a glass barrier in the middle of the room with a ghostly waif behind it. You can talk to her but nothing happens so go back out and enter the Northern room.
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  17. Open the door to the West and play the grand piano using the Grand Piano key. You will hear a clunk, which unlocks the door camouflaged to the wall. Open purple South hidden door. Search the scorched skeleton in South-East corner for an Eye gem. Leave the purple room.

    Note: The purple damage interrupts the search. Make sure you get the Eye gem.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (14)

  18. Leave the piano room via East door, and head far South to open the South-East door. Descend down the stairs to the South. You will now be in a room with a staircase in the middle and 5 doors.

    Note: Open North wall's West door (safe room). Search the chest for Mystery meat. Leave the room.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (15)

  19. Open West wall's north door and search the butler for the Cleaver key. Leave the room and open North wall's East door with the Cleaver key you had just acquired.
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  20. In this room, make sure you WALK, don't run because the glass on the floor will damage you, and you will have to go to the end navigating through knives. Once you get through the door on the other end, you will be in a room with a cauldron and 6 doors (including the one you just came through).

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  21. You will need to open the South door with ectoplasm surrounding it. These are the steps you need to take:
    • Enter the Eastern door and search the furnace. You will get some human ashes.
    • Exit this room and enter the Northern central door. Search the chest of drawers and you will get a Large pipette.
    • Now exit this room and enter the North-East door. Use the Large pipette with the pig and you will get a Large pipette with pig bile.
    • Use the human ashes and the Large pipette with pig bile with the cauldron to make an Alkaline concoction.
    • Now use the Large pipette on the cauldron and you will get an Alkaline concoction.
    • Use the Alkaline concoction on the door with the ectoplasm around it to melt the ectoplasm and be able to open the door.

    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (18)

  22. Once you enter, the door will be bolted behind you so you can't go back to the cauldron room for now. Enter the North-West door and investigate the servant. You will find that she has the Doll key gripped in her teeth. Pull it off to get the key and kill her.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (19)
  23. You can't enter the other door in this room yet so go back through the door you came from and enter the North-East door. Take the Snake key from the key hooks and climb up the ladder. You will now be back in the lower floor of the entrance hall, but it's glowing and will damage you as long as you stay in the room so you will have to run up the stairs and enter the Western room.
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  24. Go to the end of this corridor and open the Western door with the Doll key. Go upstairs and take the Tusks key from the floor. Talk to the emaciated spirit in this room and he will say he lost "her hairbrush".
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (21)
  25. Go back downstairs and enter the North door. Enter the other door then enter the far Southern door with the Tusks key. In this room, investigate the bust in the center to open a trapdoor. Enter the trapdoor and search the thief for an Eye gem.
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  26. Climb up the ladder and out the trapdoor. Go out this room and enter the room to the West of it. Go through all the statues until you get to the last one and put the remaining Eye gems into it and enter the nearby door.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (23)
  27. This is another safe room which only has a shrine of the son. Take the Mother's hairbush from it. Leave the statue rooms and go to the Western door. Continue to the Southern most room and then enter the Western room. Afterwards, climb the staircase to give "Mother's hairbush" to the Spirit you saw earlier (through the Doll key door) who will turn out to be Lenian, Ormod's son.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (24)
  28. After a while, a ghostly waif you have been encountering from time to time will show up and consume Lenian, turning to a monster. At this point, you will have a Noose key in your possession and the stairs will be destroyed so you can't go back up.
  29. Leave the room quickly and open the door to the East which leads to the entrance hall (the monster won't chase you in the hall but you might as well run anyway because the glowing energy damages you). Open and enter the North-Eastern door. Once inside, go through the Eastern door and then immediately through the Southern door upon entering by opening them with the Noose key. It might seem slow, but you will just make it before the monster catches you.

    Note: Throughout this step you'll be chased by a monster. If it touches you, it can kill you, but not to worry as you'll respawn back at the stairs.

  30. In this room, open the cupboard and climb into it. You will be in a long corridor. Follow it until you see a door. Before entering the door though, peek through the peephole on the wall of the hallway going towards the door. You will see some symbols that might come in handy later. Now enter the door.
  31. Go to the end of this room and enter the door. Go down the stairs and open the door. Your character will automatically put the code you saw in the peephole since this door had a combination lock.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (25)
  32. Go downstairs again and you will see that a door is locked by statues. You need to push the three Southern statues to the pressure plates behind them, leave the Northern statue alone. After you successfully do the puzzle and stand on the middle pressure plate, the door will open.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (26)
  33. Keep going down the stairs and you will come to a room with a huge hole in the center.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (27)
  34. Use the mountaineering gear and climb down the hole. You will be in another safe room. Open the chest in this room for more Mystery meat.
  35. Enter the next room and search the reception desk for Nabor's notes on Insanity and the Chains key. Enter either the Northern door or the Eastern door. They both lead to the same place.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (28)
  36. At the next area, open the East door with the Chains key, Keep following the corridors until you get to another room similar to the previous one. Walk the Southern plank and get the Dagger key from the floor.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (29)
  37. Retrace your steps all the way back up to the entrance hall (the room at the beginning of the quest). The monster will start chasing you again once you get out of the basem*nt and into the main mansion so go to the entrance hall quickly, then go upstairs and enter the Eastern room (push the servant away if you haven't already).

    Note: To go back to the entrance hall, you need to climb back up the rope, follow the paths until you get to a room near where you got the Cleaver key, then go up the stairs. Once you open the Northern door to exit the room, the monster will spawn again so you need to be quick. Open the South-West door, then the South door, then the South door again. You will be back at the grandfather clock room, which is a save point. Exit from the other door and you will be at the entrance hall.

  38. Once you entered the Eastern room after pushing the servant, quickly go to the South room while the monster is spawning and open it with the Dagger key.
  39. Search Ingram's rantings on the floor and you will retrieve the last piece of the Scroll fragment. Combine all three fragments together with Nabor's notes of insanity and you will get the Break curse scroll. You will also see Ingram's body on the floor. He doesn't have anything though, so it is pointless to investigate him.
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (30)
  40. Leave Ingram's room and quickly run to the other side of the corridor and use the Break curse scroll on the monster. It will stop chasing you and you can now talk to it. It reveals itself as Senecianus Aloysius Pamphilius, a citizen of Senntisten. It explains that it has gotten overriden by guilt and ate a little girl called Rowena. Senecianus also reveals that it was in an asylum. After a while, the monster thanks you for stopping it's madness and asks you what you want. Choose the option to grant Ormod forgiveness and Senecianus will tell you to meet him in the entrance hall.
  41. Go to the entrance hall (it's not glowing now) and you will see the monster has changed back to 'Lenian'. He is located at the bottom floor of the entrance hall, by the door that leads to the exit of the mansion. Talk to him, and a cutscene will show, where "Lenian" and Ormod talk and "Lenian" asks his father to follow him out of the house to be put to rest. Ormod follows Lenian and exits the house, where he is now put to rest.
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  42. Leave the mansion and report to Maria about what happened. She will be amazed at your survival and will reward you.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!
    Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (32)

    Additional Rewards:

    After completion, you have an option to replay the quest. During replay you can complete certain challenges and/or open the chests that you couldn't previously open in the house to obtain the additional rewards.

    To replay the quest, simply speak to Maria again and choose the option to replay. As soon as you enter the mansion, the game will start timer and after every 5-10 minutes it will notify how long you have left to complete the Hard Mode challenges.

    Finding Chests

    TierRequired levels to accessChest Location
    1All levels above 10Inside the library.
    2All levels above 20Under the stairs after the statue puzzle.
    3All levels above 30After you get to the room with a staircase in the middle and 5 rooms, go through the South-West door (right in front of the staircase) and follow the corridor to a dead end room. The tier 3 chest is in this room.
    4All levels above 40After going through the ectoplasm door, go to the Southernmost room, with a broken wine keg. The chest in this room.
    5All levels above 50Down the first flight of steps leading to the basem*nt after the statue/pressure plate puzzle.
    6All levels above 60After climbing down the mountaineering gear.
    7All levels above 70At the area after getting the Chains key and Nabor's notes on Insanity. It is in a cell with a plank-like bridge connecting to it.
    8All levels above 80At the North-Eastern cell of the room with the Dagger key on the floor. This cell also has a plank-like bridge connecting to it.
    9All levels above 90Through the door in Ingram's room.

    Hardmode Challenges

    Complete a replay without dyingHuge prismatic lamp
    Complete a replay without dying and using no more than one Mystery meat.Rowena pet
    Complete a replay in under 37 minutes.Asylum surgeon's ring*
    *F2P cannot access this reward.

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Broken Home - RuneScape Guide (2024)
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