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This section of IGN's Destiny 2: The Witch Queen guide details the Altar of Reflection location including how to solve the rune puzzles and how to complete the various Quests that require you to visit the location each week.

How to Enter the Altar of Reflection

The Altar of Reflection is first introduced during The Witch Queen Campaign mission titled The Mirror. Subsequent Quests will have you return to its location to solve Hive rune puzzles and defeat a group of enemies at the end. The Altar of Reflection is located within the Witch's Echo area of the Throne World destination and is marked on your map to easily track it as the portal to enter it moves around.


After completing The Witch Queen's Campaign, you'll have the opportunity to unlock the Altar of Reflection as a weekly activity that awards you Powerful Gear to help increase your Power level. Each week, you'll be able to visit and complete two Altar of Reflection puzzles which net you 250 Throne World reputation each time and a Powerful Gear drop once both have been completed. You must complete the REPORT: ALTAR-REFLECT Quest from the Evidence Board to unlock the activity.

You'll first need to locate the Altar of Reflection (which changes each time, but is marked on your map to easily locate it). To enter, you'll need to summon the portal by lining up an image in the room. Use a nearby Deepsight orb to be able to see a large glowing green image and orient yourself so it matches the smaller image somewhere in the room.

If done correctly, a portal will appear that will take you to the Altar of Reflection to begin the next set of puzzles.

How to Solve Altar of Reflection Puzzles

The Altar of Reflection puzzles, also known as Hive rune puzzles, are randomized each time you enter. This means there's no single solution that works for everyone. However, they aren't too difficult to decipher once you know what to look for.

Puzzle: Rune Patterns

During the Memories of Ruin Quest, you'll learn how to solve a basic puzzle where you must identify a set of three incorrect runes that don't match the others. Later in The Witch Queen Campaign, you'll return during the Memories of Loss Quest, which adds a second Hive rune puzzle to solve. All subsequent returns to the Altar of Reflection use the same format, although the puzzle solutions themselves are different, of course.

The key to solving the Rune Patterns puzzles is to look for a pattern and then locate the runes that don't follow the pattern. Runes are arranged in groups of five, viewed vertically. The first puzzle features eight columns, with three columns having incorrectly arranged runes. Shoot the column with the incorrect set of runes and a large glowing Hive rune will spawn in the air above, indicating a correct answer. If you happen to shoot the wrong rune, the message"Incorrect rune chosen. The trial begins again"will appear to the left of your screen and you'll need to start over.


The second set of puzzles (as introduced in the Memories of Loss Quest) adds more columns for you to decipher. The rules remain the same, though, as you're still looking for the three columns that don't match the rest of the bunch. The runes are in groups of three located around the six circular structures in the area.

Puzzle: Cursed Pools

Approach the center of the room and four Hive runes will appear in circles, with larger Hive runes spawning around the room above cursed green pools. For the first puzzle, you need to stand in each pool in the same order the runes are displayed on the stone wall - from left to right.

For each correct answer, you'll receive one stack of Revelation on the left of your screen, until all four have been gathered. If you happen to get one correct, the status will read "Wrong font activated" and you'll need to start over.

After completing the first set of puzzles, head back to the center and another four Hive runes will appear on the stone wall. This time, however, there will be many more cursed pools around the room with very similar icons to throw you off.

Identify and stand in the four correct pools in order once more to solve this puzzle. There's no time limit and the runes don't disappear from the central stone wall, so you don't need to worry about memorizing them all at once.

Once the second puzzle is completed, the door will open up and you'll need to defeat the Lucent Archivist enemies within before reaching the final memory room to complete the mission.

Altar of Reflection - Quests

Below you'll find a list of Quests within the Altar of Reflections, including a full walkthrough of each one.

  • Memories of Ruin
  • Memories of Loss


Altar of Reflection - Weekly Activity

Each week, you'll be able to visit a new Altar of Reflection located somewhere within the Throne World destination. By completing two runs, you'll be awarded Tier 1 Powerful gear to help you increase your Power level.

The four weekly rotating Quests include Altar of Reflection: Catalyst, Altar of Reflection: Insight, Altar of Reflection: Pact, and Altar of Reflection: Choice. The puzzles contained within are Rune Puzzles, exactly like the puzzles found in the Memories of Loss and Memories of Ruin Quests, as well as Cursed Pools. However, the type of puzzle and solution are randomized each time you begin the Quest.

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